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Golden Bay's Own Indian

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WELCOME to manna.

You will be pleased to know that most of our ingredients are organic, especially the chicken (free range and organic, from Bostock), and all our dairy products. Our produce is sourced locally from organic farms and all our spices are sourced from the best organic spice traders in NZ and India. The paneer (Indian cheese) is made fresh daily, in-house, as are the rotis (flat breads).


Spread the deliciousness around. Eat at manna with your friends and family.


We have a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Most of our dishes have a default setting of “mild” although they can be made as hot as you would dare to take on! And for those of you who want to sweat, there’s always vindaloo!

Our menu is eclectic, which means we represent different regions of the sub-continent as we hope to give you an experience of India through our food.

We have a special range of organic teas and masala chai, a deliciously smooth tea, blended to perfection with a delectable combination of spices, hitting all the right notes on the palette.

We also serve golden milk which is an Ayurvedic beverage, now famously referred to as ‘turmeric latte’ everywhere in the world. Our hot drinks are best enjoyed with one of our spicy snacks, eg: Masala Chai and paneer cutlet. Beat that! 

One more thing before we sign off:

Contrary to the false notion that Indian food is high in saturated fats and is an essentially unhealthy cuisine, you will find our food to be clean, lean and light, just the way our ancestors ate it, and just the way real Indian cuisine is meant to be eaten. Our goal, ultimately, is to serve you a gastronomic experience with organic food at affordable prices.

Nanditha, our chef,  is a herbs-and-spices loving foodie who grew up in a family of brilliant cooks, and where food was prepared to please the heart as much as to please the tastebuds and the stomach. There was always something in the food beyond just good taste. There was a whole lot of anticipation, love and a sense of communion associated with it. She sticks by the dictum that the most important ingredient is never actually in the recipe. It is in the imagination and the heart. It is that which keeps cooking inspired!